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Education involves the process of living in the present, understanding the past, and preparing for the future. Education is a lifelong pursuit of learning and sharing with others. During the middle level years, students will experience not only significant, but often the most dramatic, physical, social, intellectual, and emotional changes in life. The middle level program design provides the student with the basic skills of inquiry and successful experiences in exploration and enrichment.

REGISTRATION: Students are required to register for each sport season at their HOME school. Reminder: Families must have create one account per school.

- To be eligible to participate in athletics and to complete the registration process, parents must complete the online registration then take the current physical and the athletic fee (or online payment receipt) to the school! Boulder Valley Schools highly recommends a valid physical prior to participation in an intramural sport; however, the district minimally requires submission of the intramural permission form and the athletic fee PRIOR to participating.

- Students who attend a school that does not offer a specific program should contact the District Athletic Office (720.561.5111) for placement information prior to the beginning of the season.

FEES: Participants in interscholastic sports are assessed an $85.00 fee per sport. Participants in intramural sports are assessed a $45 fee per sport. In intramural athletics, there will be no refunds after the first three (3) scheduled days of the activity. In interscholastic athletics, there will be no refunds after the first game of a season.

- If, prior to the first interscholastic contest, an athlete quits or is removed for disciplinary reasons by the coach in cooperation with the building administrator, there will be a full refund.

- Athletic fees are waived for students with Free or Reduced Lunch status. Contact the principal's office for additional information on establishing Free/Reduced status.

- If students do not qualify for Free/Reduced status and there is a financial hardship, please contact the athletic director to set up payment plans or waiver arrangements.

- There is a family payment cap of $405.00 per year. This cap includes athletic registration costs for middle level and high school athletics. Once you have reached the combined max, please make copies of your receipts and present them to the school when requesting the next sport waiver. If you believe you have reached your family cap for the year, please select "Request Administrative Waiver" in the payment section of the registration and contact your school's athletic office to make partial or waived payment arrangements.

- By state law, students participating in BVSD athletics but attending schools outside of BVSD schools may be charged up to 150% of the athletic fee.

- Peak to Peak and Summit Charter School fees vary from BVSD athletic fees. Fees collected at Peak to Peak and Summit do not apply to BVSD family cap nor do BVSD fees apply to Peak to Peak and Summit guidelines.

CONCUSSION MANAGEMENT: Baseline testing is available to BVSD middle school students through a grant provided by Boulder Center for Sports medicine. This data could help your doctor in determining treatment and return to play guidelines in the event your student suffers a head injury. Please contact your school's assistant principal to obtain more information. If you think your child has a concussion DON'T HIDE IT! Report it! Give them time to HEAL!